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                                                         (0-36 months)


It is the first interaction of your child with the world and we make sure it is secure, enriching and filled with love and care. An ideal place to welcome the exciting world of learning.


Easy Transition

We believe that child transitions best when he/she is ready for it. Starting daycare is already a big change for parents and children alike. Therefore this program is all about creating a favorable environment allowing every child to continue with his or her home routines regarding sleep and food.


Personal Care

Every child has its own unique needs and preferences that is why we begin with a thorough orientation between our team and the parents. It enables us to understand every parent and child and create a suitable schedule program. Moreover, throughout the program, our dedicated teachers have regular one-on-one interactions with parents to know more about a child's changing behavior and requirements. At Parasol, we also provide parents with a Daily Sheet, that gives a gist to parents about their child's day at daycare.



We actively engage with the children through playful interactions, exploration of art materials, music and movement times, sensory experiences and plenty of fresh air at our local playgrounds.



We cater to the requirements of working parents and very well understand their pressures and busy lifestyles. We’re here to take good care of your little ones while you’re away building a secure future for them.


As Per Your Schedule

We try to create a schedule that suits yours. Be it before or after school we always have the most fun activities on our calendar. We don’t want to keep the children busy, instead we want them to have fun and learn while they’re in our care. 


Pick-up & Drop Off

Working parents always struggle with timelines and the lack of time. We provide drop-off and pick-ups for children attending the following elementary schools:


Aberdeen Elementary                         Llyod George Elementary

Arthur Hatton Elementary              Beattie Elementary      

 . .


This is a thoughtfully created program to encourage children to learn and experience and imbibe. Offering a variety of activities found in Prep and  Pre-Kindergarten programs. 



The program incorporates Montessori activities combined with appropriate Reggio Emelia workstations, providing children with opportunities to learn and explore at the same time.


Phase Learning

Children begin with experiencing life skill activities through practical life exercises combining them with various sensorial activities that enhance their gross and fine motor skills.


From here on, children are introduced to ideas of math, language, and science where they are learning about numbers, letters, phonics, and basic science concepts. Along with this, we give enough emphasis to circle time, which is about interaction with each other, with teachers and sing rhymes, read stories, display their understanding of weather and phonics. 


Child-Staff Ratio

We keep our child to staff ratios low, so each child receives the much-needed personal attention. Adding to that, we support for our teaching staff in every possible manner so that they can concentrate on what they do best – teaching.

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