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Parasol is home away from home. We want children to be absolutely  comfortable and enjoy every minute of there time with us.


Because we strongly  believe that a child learns most when he or she is in a trusted environment that offers a variety of stimulating opportunities to explore.

Our teachers play a major role in this endeavour by observing every child and creating development oriented learning material and activities. At Parasol, teachers play many roles that of a trust worthy caretaker, a nurturing educator and of a fun loving friend, because children need them to all rolled into one. 

Our daily schedule offers every child various opportunities to discover environment, choose activities that provide different challenges to stimulate their experiences for holistic development. The idea is to motivate the child to explore and learn more but their own pace.


At Parasol, we believe a child’s environment is its third teacher and is of paramount importance. Therefore, we provide the children with a prepared environment with ample amount of stimulating activities. Here, we learn with Montessori curriculum and Reggio Emilia natural material.


Both these philosophies help us create a solid foundation for children's future. Through self-correcting material, children feel more comfortable to try and explore and through the natural material, they are able to relate their learning to real-life experiences. It is an ideal way to encourage exploration, imagination, interaction, communication and active learning among children.


We want to be a place that’s ideal for a child’s overall and holistic development. Hence, we are highly critical and at the same time we very well understand the needs, concerns and expectations of discerning parents.

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